Saving A Marriage From Clutter With Self Storage

Home clutter is one of the most surprising negative influences on a marriage. However, it has been shown to seriously impact new marriages. Thankfully, self-storage centers can help a couple manage this problem in a constructive manner and save their marriage.

Clutter Can Be A Major Marriage Problem

When couples get married and move in together, they combine all their goods into one home. This process can create a major influx of clutter that can seriously threaten a marriage. Some have gone so far as to state that clutter is more dangerous to a marriage than adultery. How could clutter be so problematic to the health of a relationship?

First of all, clutter can become a major focus of a relationship. All those excessive items can literally get in the way of connecting personally and physically and generate a lot of tension and annoyance between a couple. That's why it is so important for you to clean up your home and store your cluttered items in a self-storage center. In this way, you can save your marriage from serious problems.

How Self Storage Can Help

Getting clutter out of a home can be a difficult process, but self storage can be a real help. A married couple working together can identify the items in their home that they want to store, put them in appropriate containers, and safely store them in a protected environment.

The only problem here is if one spouse happens to be a pack rat whose items make up most of the clutter. If both are pack rats, then they'll both need to put items in self-storage. However, if only one is a pack rat and is actively fighting against self-storage, it is time to help them let go.

Helping A Pack Rat Let Go

The hardest part of this process is getting the pack rat of the marriage to let go of their items. They may fight against putting their items in self-storage. However, it is possible to get them to accept this fact in a calm way. First of all, talk to them about the benefits of self-storage and point out that they can see these items anytime they want.

Next, it is important to walk them through the self-storage process and force them to choose items to store. With their pack rat psychology, this may be hard. To them, every item is precious or important. However, with gentle persuasion and a loving hand, it is possible to encourage them to start putting items in self-storage. As the house starts clearing up, they will get into a groove and begin storing more and more.

Moving through a de-cluttering and self-storage process in this way can help save a marriage from the dangers of clutter. It may take some work, but it is more than possible.