Four Ways To Get Your Home Spring Ready

During the winter season, your home has likely become the ideal place to hibernate. It's warm, cozy, and even filled with delicious foods, presents from the holidays, and holiday decor. Now, the spring season is coming up, though, which means all of these things need a place to go, especially all of the holiday decor and warm, cozy items that you aren't going to need now that the weather is warming up. Here are four ways to help sort this out and get your home spring ready:

Make a Cleaning Schedule: First off, you want to list off all the areas that need to be cleaned out and then create a schedule. This will include what days you are going to tackle certain cleaning projects. You can even schedule by room starting with the front yard since this is seen the most by people outside of your home. You can then work your way into the main living space, which is the area guests see the most. 

Gather the Cleaning Supplies: Next, you want to gather all the cleaning supplies that you need and purchase any that you might not have in the house at the moment. Since you want to dust out the space because the spring season is the time when allergies hit, you want to be sure that you have a duster that can reach all the nooks and crannies in the home. You also want to be sure that you have a vacuum that can handle all the extra dust that has gathered in the carpet of the home, as well as the glitter that may have fallen off of holiday decorations. 

Prepare Winter Items for Storage: If you don't currently have a storage unit, you may consider renting one. This is going to save you a ton of space in your home since you can store all of your seasonal things in storage instead. If you do have storage, then you want to get started preparing your winter items to be packed away until next year. You want to use plastic containers for the little items so that they do not get lost and damaged. You should also carefully wrap up the fragile items. You may also consider storing items, such as winter coats, that also take up a great deal of space in the closet. 

Swap Your Spring Items: Anything that is spring related in storage should be taken out to make room for the winter items. Be sure to thoroughly clean out the storage unit so that the space is utilized as efficiently as possible. Otherwise, you may find yourself not having the room that you need and having to upgrade to a larger unit. 

When you know these four ways to prepare your home for spring, you can be sure that your home is organized, clean, and ready to take on the spring season.