Electronic Lock Features That Revolutionize Security For The Disabled

If you are recovering from an injury, you may find that the task of locking and unlocking doors to be very challenging. Even with an ergonomic key and a lock that is easy to operate, you may still find that you are unable to open your door. It may be necessary to give your lock an upgrade that will allow the door to be unlocked with a remote or by some other easier method.


The lock should be very easy to install. There should be no wiring and you should not be required to drill through the door. Most locks will be powered by batteries and will have a low battery power consumption. This allows you to avoid the hassle of having to routinely change batteries. If the batteries do run out, someone can simply make a trip to the store to purchase more. Also, many doors will create a distinct sound when the battery is low.


Consider how far away the lock will typically be when you are opening the door. The remote must have a range that will allow you to unlock the door easily. Some electronic locks allow for the lock to be unlocked using a smartphone. This is highly convenient since it reduces the number of objects you will need to carry with you. Usually, it is also possible to unlock the door with a conventional key if necessary, which is useful when the door will not unlock electronically. 


The door must be easy to program. There are many that allow for the door to be programmed with the press of a single button. Also, it should be possible to add or remove codes manually. A specific code can be memorized and punched into the electronic lock as an alternative way to open doors.


Electronic locks allow for access to be given to others without inconveniencing yourself. This is helpful if you have a visitor or emergency services arriving. There are some locks that allow for scheduled entries so that those scheduled to visit at a specific time can simply walk in. Since it can be difficult to remember to lock a door, many locks will lock after a short period of time automatically, regardless of whether the lock has been programmed to unlock. These features can revolutionize home security for those who are temporarily or permanently disabled and help foster independence.