What To Know About Hiring A Remote Transcription Service

The misconception is that transcription is only meant for medical and legal needs. The truth is that many businesses can benefit from the use of transcription services. Having someone in-house to handle the transcriptions can be a problem, though. This is why many businesses use the option of a remote transcription service. If this is something you are considering, here are a few things you need to know about hiring a transcription service. 

Certified Transcriptionists

One of the key things you need to look for when you look at a transcription service is the certification. You need to make sure that your transcriptionists are certified not only to work in your specific business field, but also in the type of software you have. For example, if you are using a Typewell-based software, then you will want to ensure the transcriptionists you hire are certified in that software specifically. This ensures they know how to use the software, make corrections, and avoid missing key points in the transcription process.

Editing Options

Most transcription services offer a software package that allows you to dictate directly into the software. The speech is then transcribed into a text format. Though this will work for you in most cases, there is more editing that is needed. The editing services offered by most transcription services are something you need to strongly consider. The editing process involves a transcriptionist checking for proper grammar, spelling, and formatting. This ensures you receive a clean transcript that is ready to use for various meetings or other appointments.

Cloud Storage

One important aspect of using a remote transcription service to consider is storage. Many business owners overlook the need for cloud storage of their transcription. This cloud storage allows you to access your document at each stage of the transcription process. If you need to add more audio, you can. If you need to make notes to it, you can. You can also access the transcript at any time if you need another copy or if you need to send it to a different email or location. 

When you are ready to hire a remote transcription service, contact a local transcription service provider. They can help you with the different service options available. They can also answer questions about specific needs you may have regarding the transcription service and process to send in your recordings and receive the completed transcript. To learn more, contact a company like Quality Transcription Specialists.