5 Tips For Creating An Amazing Coastal Home

Whether your project involves new construction or renovations, developing coastal home plans should be a lot of fun. You'll want to go about the job in a structured fashion, though, and that means you should have a list of important ideas for the project. Here are 5 tips for designing an amazing coastal home.

Views, Views, and More Views

As you pick out your coastal home floor plans, the emphasis should always be on taking advantage of the views. This means a lot more than just having big windows that let you see the beach. For example, an open floor plan on the lower level will allow you to take in the view regardless of whether you're in the living room, kitchen, or dining room. This is especially important if the view only looks great from one direction because you'll want as many rooms to feature it as possible.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Coastal home plans shouldn't stop when you get to the walls. A large deck, widow's walk, and patio can all extend the enjoyment of the house on days with good weather. Don't be afraid to incorporate elements like an outdoor kitchen and a fireplace.

Fit in with the Neighbors

There are people who build coastal homes with the intent of seemingly making their places stand out to the point of being eyesores. Don't be that neighbor. Look around the area and see what styles are employed in the homes. Tweaking and modernizing the existing themes will be fine, and it can be a lot of fun to think about how to riff on a theme while doing justice by it.

Have Several Private Spaces

Yes, there will come a point when you might need a vacation from your vacation. That applies even if the house is your primary residence. Also, work might pop up, leaving you in need of a spot that isn't quite so coastal themed with open floor plans and easy access. Set aside some secluded spaces, such as the bedroom and an office. Future you will be thankful for the reprieve.

Don't Ask Too Much of the House

Every property has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, a small cottage is going to be a hard place to turn into an expansive and open design. If the space insists upon being cozy, let it be. Maybe put in a bigger deck to provide the added open area you desire instead of pushing the house too far.

For more information about coastal home floor plans, contact a floor plan service.