Keeping Your Parking Lot Free Of Snow

Snow and ice gathering on the pavement of your business or home can be a significant problem. These accumulations make pavement difficult and unsafe to travel over.

Prevent The Snow And Ice From Accumulating

Limiting the snow and ice from forming a thick layer over your pavement has the advantage of reducing the chances of the snow and ice becoming compacted into a very hard and thicker layer. Once this occurs, it can be more difficult and time-consuming to remove. Ideally, you will want to remove the snow and ice as it is falling and starting to accumulate. If this is not a possible option, you will need to remove the snow and ice from the pavement as soon as possible. Otherwise, it could partially melt before refreezing when the temperature drops. This can lead to it hardening very rapidly.

Avoid Solutions That Can Damage Your Pavement

There are many snow and ice removal solutions available. However, some of these solutions can be damaging to the pavement itself. This is especially true of chemical systems, but a person that is inexperienced with shoveling or plowing snow could damage it. Balancing the need to remove the snow and ice from the pavement while preventing damage to it can be an easy challenge to meet if you hire a snow removal service. These services will have plows and other tools that can make removing large amounts of snow a simple process, and these tools can even be used to break up thick ice sheets that may form.

Have A Section Of The Pavement Dedicated For Snow Piles

Having a plan for what to do with the snow that has been plowed will be an important step as the plowing service will need to know where to push the snow. Dedicating a portion of the parking lot for snow piles minimizes the impacts that these piles will have on your company's parking availability. Dedication of a couple of parking spots in a distant corner of the parking area means you can easily store the snow until it melts. Depending on the size of your parking lot, these areas may seldom be used due to their distance from the building, and this can make them an ideal location for pushing the snow. There can be a sizable amount of moisture produced as the snow melts, and any storm drains near the snow pile should be checked to ensure that it is clear of debris.

Contact a snow removal service for more information.