Who Is A Good Candidate For Business Coaching?

Business coaching can help many people along their career paths. Whether you're considering dealing with a business consulting firm personally or helping an employee, you should have an idea of what makes somebody a good candidate for coaching. These five types of people are likely to take great advantage of the investment.

Moving into Management

When someone makes the jump into management from more hands-on positions, the company benefits from a stronger connection between decision-making and the operation's ground truth. However, folks who make that jump often struggle to get up to speed with basic business ideas. Holding meetings, filing reports, and going to trade shows and conferences can be a little weird if you haven't been indoctrinated into that part of the business world. Folks who are new to management can use business coaching to fill skills gaps and answer questions.

Starting a Business

Everything about starting a business is hectic at best. Small business coaching helps because it's hard to think of everything at such a complex time. A small business consulting firm can help a would-be startup design its organizational structure. Likewise, coaching can help people who don't have business experience to address their blind spots.

Even if you have notable business experience, the transition to being the owner and boss of a small operation can be stark. You will need to establish structures for accountability and legal compliance. Also, these structures have to apply to you as much as anyone.

Coaching Employees with Potential

A company should have a process for bringing high-potential employees into management. If it doesn't, a business consulting firm can help it develop a process. You can then start identifying such employees earlier in the process and steering them toward leadership development.

Struggling with Work-Life Balance

Leadership roles can chew some people up. This isn't a personal shortcoming. Frequently, the problem is a lack of work-life balance.

By working with a coach, you can get a better sense of how to strike the right balance between your personal and professional time. This may include installing strict barriers. For example, many can-do people moving into leadership often let employees monopolize their work time. Leaders need to delegate decision-making. In some cases, they need to explicitly tell employees to respect the work-life boundary in all scenarios outside of the building currently catching fire.

Transitioning to a Different Industry

Business coaching is also beneficial when someone moves into a new industry. A coach can help you learn how things work in the new industry so you can hit the ground running.

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