Maintaining A Furnace

It truly is a miracle to be able to have heat in your home. There is nothing like getting into your home after a cold winter day. A good furnace and heating system can be expensive to install, but they are definitely perform an important job. Your heating system is a very important part of your home, and needs to be maintained just like the rest of your home. You would never let your carpets go a month without cleaning. [Read More]

Should You Have A Home's Septic Tank Inspected Before Purchase?

If you've recently gone under contract on a new home, you may be anxiously awaiting your inspection report to ensure you're not inheriting any major structural or safety issues. However, one area that can often go unnoticed during this process is a home's septic tank--and because a septic tank breach or backup can cost you a significant amount of money and untold inconvenience, it's good to keep abreast of any potential problems before they turn into actual ones. [Read More]

The Ten Top Qualities Of An Exemplary Administrative Assistant

Looking to hire an administrative assistant? Or, are you an assistant looking for your niche? There are some traits that can make or break a successful administrative assistant, and that are integral to the multiple roles that they fill on-the-job. The ten top qualities to look for in an administrative assistant are: Punctuality. Showing up late or canceling appointments should be a red-flag. You need an assistant that is punctual. [Read More]

Four Ways To Get Your Home Spring Ready

During the winter season, your home has likely become the ideal place to hibernate. It's warm, cozy, and even filled with delicious foods, presents from the holidays, and holiday decor. Now, the spring season is coming up, though, which means all of these things need a place to go, especially all of the holiday decor and warm, cozy items that you aren't going to need now that the weather is warming up. [Read More]