2 Things To Try This Summer To Create More Foot Traffic In Your Frozen Yogurt Store

If you are not getting the foot traffic that you need to make a profit in your yogurt store, here are two things you can try out this summer to create more foot traffic to your frozen yogurt store.

#1 Create A Happy Hour

Happy hours are not just for bars anymore. Happy hours are used by a variety of different businesses to create more foot traffic and bring in more customers at traditional down times of the day. Figure out, based on your sales, what time of day your business could use a boast--and create a summer happy hour for that time period.

For example, if your foot traffic decreases between 1pm to 3pm, that is the perfect time to run a "happy hour" special at your frozen yogurt shop. Since it is summer time and kids are not in school, you can have the happy hour earlier in the day. During the school year, running the happy hour after local schools are let out is the best bet to increase foot traffic.

For happy hour, you can reduce the cost of getting frozen yogurt or adding toppings, or offer special two for one deals so kids can afford ice cream for themselves and their friends. You can offer the same deal every day, or you can offer different happy hour deals every day of the week. Poll your customers and find out what types of deals they would be interested in, and use that information to create your own special happy hour bargains. Try to create fun spins for your happy hour, such as "Two for Tuesday" deals that will stick in people's minds.

#2 Change Up Your Materials

The second thing you can do is change up your materials. If you are using plain white cups for your frozen yogurt, change things up with colorful cups in fun and interesting designs. This simple improvement will catch people's eye and make your shop stand out against other frozen yogurt shops in the area.

Change out the spoons that you use as well, and offer frozen yogurt color changing spoons. These spoons change color when dipped into one's cold frozen yogurt or into the hot fudge on top. These temperature-changing spoons are sure to grab people's attention, create positive reviews, and increase the number of times your business is tweeted about and talked about across various social media platforms.

Using more interesting materials, such as cups and spoons that you have to otherwise provide, is an easy way to generate interest and set yourself apart from other ice cream and frozen yogurt shops in the area.

Offering happy hour specials and using special materials for your frozen yogurt should help generate buzz around your business that will hopefully generate into more foot traffic this summer.