Why Choose Paralleling Switchgear?

If you own a large office building or warehouse, a manager might be looking for ways to upgrade your power systems and might suggest paralleling switchgear, or PSG. With these systems, multiple sets of generators can be joined together into one entity. Paralleling switchgear can present you with a number of benefits that make performance, maintenance and other issues more manageable. Here are reasons to consider such an upgrade.

More Efficient Power Use

With PSG, you can bring all of the generators online at the same time instead of one by one. That means that setup can happen more quickly and power can be provided right away in all areas of your building.

If you're concerned that joining several generator sets means that if one set goes down the others do, PSG systems, however, can use use a load shedding application which ensures that critical generators continue working even if less essential generators lose power.

Easier Control for the Entire System

If you started out with one or two generators and then got more as you made the building larger, you may regret not getting one system because you don't want to have to tinker with each generator's switches and controls every time you want to make changes. With paralleling switchgear equipment, you can join all the generators and deal with one set of controls. This should make overall operation easier.

Fewer Interruptions

Sooner or later, one of the generators in your building will fail. Should that happen without PSG, that would mean a loss of power while you assess, diagnose and repair the generator or wait until a professional can arrive onsite. When you've already joined your generators with a paralleling switchgear system, the other generators can serve as backup generators that keep everything powered up until you deal with the problem generator. That means that everyone in the building can typically continue to do their work without interruption, which can be important for your bottom line.

Lower Costs

If you only have one generator set in your building right now, you may wonder if it's smart to get paralleling switchgear equipment now. What you might not realize is that you end up saving money if you do so. You might not be able to afford a huge generator set and only have sufficient funds to add one at a time as the need arises. Paralleling switchgear systems allow you to accumulate and integrate generator sets according to your own timetable instead of forcing you to spend a large amount on bigger and bigger individual sets for the entire building.

With these benefits, paralleling switchgear can be a good choice for your warehouse or office building. Talking more with retailers and manufacturers of switchgear equipment can help you learn more. For more information, click here, or on similar sites.