Finding The Perfect Candidate For Your Non-Profit

Non-profit companies and foundations play a valuable role in providing goods and services to the public. Since these types of entities do not operate in an attempt to gain financial wealth, it takes a special kind of person to perform well in the non-profit world. Finding the right individual to serve your non-profit can be made easier when you opt to partner with an executive search firm.

Here are three character traits that an executive search firm can be looking for when evaluating potential candidates to find the individual who best meets the needs of your non-profit organization.

1. Focus on Service

Since non-profit organizations do not generate an income, the employees working for these organizations shouldn't expect to strike it rich. Finding the right candidate means finding someone who is more focused on service and giving back to the community than they are on amassing personal wealth.

This can be challenging, and often requires a national search in order to locate the person who has the right mindset. Allowing an executive search firm to conduct this search will let you focus on running your non-profit until the right person is hired.

2. Willing to Work Erratic Hours

Another important quality that a good candidate for non-profit employment must possess is a willingness to work erratic hours. Creating and running a successful non-profit organization takes time and dedication, and it often means working outside of traditional business hours.

Your employees might find themselves working beyond full-time hours some weeks, and attending fundraising or recognition events at night from time to time. The candidate you hire must be willing to work these erratic hours without complaint, and an executive search firm can locate the candidate who can adapt to the erratic work schedule of a non-profit employee.

3. Savvy in Many Areas of Business

Employees working within non-profit organizations often wear many different hats throughout the course of a work day. Having employees who are skilled in many different business areas allows you to maximize employee contributions while minimizing the overhead costs of running your organization.

An executive search firm can scour the country looking for candidates that are adept in critical business areas like finance, marketing, and management to ensure the individual you hire will be able to benefit your non-profit organization over time.

Relying on an executive search firm like Scion Executive Search to find qualified candidates will allow you to hire the perfect employees to serve within your non-profit organization in the future.