Hosting A Children's Outdoor Birthday Party: Must-Have Party Rental Essentials

Planning an outdoor birthday party for your little one can be a great way to celebrate his or her special day, but there are some types of party rental items you will need to make the day a success. If you are planning a big outdoor bash, here are a few things to consider for the event.

Party Tents

Party tents are a great option for your outdoor party, even if the weather is going to be bright and sunny. On warm days, the tents can provide shade and relief from the sun, and on rainy days, they can provide shelter from the raindrops. You can choose a simple pavilion-style tent or one with walls that provides additional protection against winds and rain. For a bit of fun, consider a circus-style tent to create a playful look for your child's birthday party. Talk with a tent rental company, like American Tent & Awning Co Inc, for different options.

Tables And Chairs

Chances are, you don't have tables and chairs to seat a large number of guests. This is where renting tables and chairs can be a helpful idea. Round tables and folding chairs are ideal for casual parties, and you can rent tablecloths and chair covers to customize the look of the event. For themed parties, choose chair covers and tablecloths in two to three colors, and alternate them at each table. You can then assign seating based on the color of the tablecloths or even the color of the chair covers.


Outdoor inflatables can provide a way to keep your tiniest party guests occupied while you set up the meal or prepare the birthday cake for your child. Bouncy castles and houses are exciting options, but you can also find inflatable slides and obstacle courses for even more fun. If your outdoor party venue offers plenty of space, consider renting a few different types of inflatables so more children can have a chance to play at the same time.

Carnival Games

You can rent carnival games, such as basketball throws or fishing games, to entertain your party guests. If you choose to rent a few games for your child's special day, be sure to enlist the help of a few adult volunteers who can help to run the games. Visit your local dollar store and stock up on prixes each child can win, and consider having consolation prizes for children who put in their best effort.

Working with your local party rental store can help you to find all the party rentals you need, from tents and tables to exciting games. Use any or all of these ideas to throw a fun party your birthday boy or girl won't soon forget.