Drawing Attention To Your New Painting Business

Making the choice to invest in a franchise from a national paint company can be a great way to lend your new company prestige and reliability. While you might be able to piggyback on the positive reputation built by the parent company, you will still need to attract new customers in order to ensure that your franchise is a success.

Here are three simple things that you can do to help draw positive attention to your new painting business in the future.

1. Make sure you have an online presence.

Many customers looking for painting services turn to the Internet for recommendations and information. If you want to attract new customers to your franchise, you need to set up a website that looks professional and provides accurate and detailed information about your company.

Many parent organizations will offer franchises access to logos, website templates, and other online marketing materials that you can use to establish a positive online presence for your new painting company.

2. Invest in community service.

Receiving attention from the press can be a simple and effective way to spread the word that your new painting company franchise is open for business. Consumers tend to trust the information coming from a media source more than advertising paid for by a company itself, so finding ways to get your company in the press is important when you are trying to establish a client base.

Investing in community service projects is a simple way to draw attention from the press. Volunteer to apply a new coat of paint to playground equipment or eliminate graffiti from a city wall. These acts of community service will help you raise awareness of your new franchise so that customers looking for painting services can contact you in the future.

3. Place your company logo on vehicles.

Most painting companies rely on vehicles to transport employees, tools, and materials to a job site. You can turn this transportation time into a marketing opportunity by placing your company logo on all vehicles.

Drivers sharing the roadway with your franchise's vehicles will be exposed to your marketing message, and homeowners in the neighborhood where you are providing services will be exposed to your brand as well. This exposure could lead to an increase in the number of customers your new painting company franchise is able to attract.

Finding ways to draw attention to your new painting business will help you attract the customers your franchise needs to become successful over time. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Color World House Painting Inc.