Top Reasons For A Hospital To Use A Physician Recruiter Service

When it comes to running a hospital, having enough qualified, experienced physicians on staff can literally be a matter of life and death. Recruiting and retaining talented physicians is a priority for most hospitals, but this task can also eat up a lot of resources and prevent other immediate tasks to be completed, which can cause issues. A simple solution is for hospitals to work with physician recruiter services to help fulfill their needs and ensure that they are properly staffed with physicians at all times. Some of the benefits of working with a physician recruiter service include:

Saving Time

The HR department of a hospital juggles a lot of responsibilities, so it can be very difficult or even impossible for a single HR department to conduct all physician recruitment on its own. When you consider the fact that a physician recruitment service will take care of all the details associated with finding the best physician candidates for an open hospital physician position, the price charged by a physician recruitment service is quite affordable and well worth the investment. When you outsource physician recruitment to a reputable outside service, you can rest assured that your HR department can keep up with other necessary tasks.

Wide Network of Candidates

A good physician recruitment service possesses a wide network and is in contact with physicians who are looking for new hospitals, as well as promising talented physicians that have just finished residency and are looking for a place to grow their medical careers. When you work with a physician recruitment service, you can rest assured that they have connections to many qualified physicians in all different types of specialties. Whether your hospital needs a cardiothoracic surgeon or an ICU attending, you can count on a physician recruitment service to provide you with a list of prime candidates.

Pre-Employment Screening

Not only can it be difficult to find talented physicians to fill a hospital position, but it can also require a lot of paperwork, checking credentials, and conducting interviews. This can be a huge hassle, especially when there are so many other administrative tasks that must be taken care of on a day-to-day basis at a hospital. One of the great things about a physician recruiter service is the fact that they take care of all of the tedious pre-employment screening tasks for you. When a physician recruiter service presents you with a candidate for a physician position, you will know that he or she is qualified, has passed a background check, holds a valid medical license, and is ready to begin working.