2 Benefits of Buying a Home Adjacent to a Country Club

If you are thinking about either buying your first house or looking to purchase an upgraded one because of a growing family, you may be looking around at your current options. When considering the various listing for real estate in your area, you may have come across ones that are marketed as being houses that are part of and adjacent to a country club. If you have never really thought about purchasing such a home, consider the benefits that buying and living in a house that is adjacent to a country club could give you.

1.  Landscape Around Your Property Is Pristine and Well-Maintained

One benefit of choosing to buy a house that is located on country club property is that the landscaping around your home will usually be pristine. Especially if you are used to a neighborhood where you have little control over what the surrounding area looks like, you may be tired of seeing junky yards or unkempt patches of woods.

However, as part of the country club experience, you will find that the area is well-maintained. This applies not only to the golf course and surrounding grounds but also applies to your neighbors' yards as well. Since there is typically some form of HOA present, there will be strict rules about keeping individual properties neat and manicured. This allows you to look out and see a beautiful view from your home no matter what direction you are facing.

2.  Membership Is Often Free or Offered at a Reduced Rate

Another advantage of living adjacent to a country club is that you often have access to its membership. As part of purchasing a house in their neighborhood, you may be given a free membership or one that is offered at a greatly reduced rate. Especially if you enjoy playing golf, tennis, or other sports offerings, this can give you easy, affordable access. You can also keep up with special events in which you may wish to participate.

If having beautiful landscaping around your home along with a club membership that allows you to play golf and participate in club activities sounds like your idea of heaven, you may be ready to learn more about what is available in your surrounding area. If so, contact a real estate agent that has country club homes for sale near you to discuss your desires and to see if there are potential properties you can view.