4 Things To Know About Getting A Screen Enclosure For Your Patio

A screen enclosure could be perfect if you want more use from your patio. If you like spending time outdoors, but you hate being bothered by mosquitoes and other bugs, then putting a screen around your patio would allow you to be outside day or night without worry over bugs. Here are some things to know about screen enclosures.

1. There Are Different Types Of Screens

Screen enclosures are made of different materials. Polyester is a common choice because it has a long life and is durable. However, you could also choose fiberglass, stainless steel, or aluminum.

Talk to your contractor about the right material for your needs. If you want to use your screened patio as a place for your pets to enjoy the outdoors, you might want polyester since it is strong and can tolerate animals clawing at it.

2. Screens Have Different Mesh Sizes

You buy a screen for your enclosure by the mesh size. This size reflects how large the holes are in the screen. Screens with the smallest holes block tiny insects like no-see-ums and the screens can also block more UV rays. However, the mesh size affects the price of the screen, so consider your environment and what type of screen will give you the type of protection you want.

3. Different Materials Provide Different Views

Another thing to consider when choosing the screen for your enclosure is how the appearance of the screen will affect your home. You'll also want to think about how the screen will affect the view of your surroundings from your patio.

Stainless steel is a popular screen for enclosures because it is strong enough to allow for a larger mesh size. This gives you the best view from inside the enclosure. Other types of screens have a different appearance. The screen might look black and give you added privacy. You can also choose a copper screen for an interesting bit of color for your home.

Be sure to compare prices before falling in love with a particular type of screen enclosure. The prices vary significantly among screen materials and meshes, so you want to find something that fits your budget as well as keeps out bugs and keeps in pets.

4. You Have A Choice In Designs

You might want a basic rectangular screen enclosure around your patio, but you might want something different. Screen enclosures can have different types of roofs, and you might want an arched roof so the enclosed area seems more spacious.

If you want to fully block the sun and rain, you could even have a solid roof put over your patio and choose screens for the walls. However, for the best outdoor experience, you may want a screen roof for your enclosure.