Finding The Perfect Candidate For Your Non-Profit

Non-profit companies and foundations play a valuable role in providing goods and services to the public. Since these types of entities do not operate in an attempt to gain financial wealth, it takes a special kind of person to perform well in the non-profit world. Finding the right individual to serve your non-profit can be made easier when you opt to partner with an executive search firm. Here are three character traits that an executive search firm can be looking for when evaluating potential candidates to find the individual who best meets the needs of your non-profit organization. [Read More]

Three Tips For Box Truck Rentals

To make sure that you are able to move some inventory or handle the process of moving into a new home or office, you'll want to rent a box truck. This is an old school approach that still is one of the most efficient ways for you to get a lot of work done. To learn a little bit more about getting behind the wheel of a box truck and using this rental to your advantage, read on and start touching base with companies that can provide you these rentals. [Read More]

Tips For Taking Your Child On A Roadtrip

Taking your family on a road trip can be an excellent way of building memories and encouraging bonding. Unfortunately, many parents with young children will be hesitant about planning this type of trip due concerns that it will be impossible to keep a young child happy and comfortable while on a long drive. Yet, a few basic tips will allow you to ensure your children have enjoyable experiences on your family's vacation. [Read More]

Why Choose Paralleling Switchgear?

If you own a large office building or warehouse, a manager might be looking for ways to upgrade your power systems and might suggest paralleling switchgear, or PSG. With these systems, multiple sets of generators can be joined together into one entity. Paralleling switchgear can present you with a number of benefits that make performance, maintenance and other issues more manageable. Here are reasons to consider such an upgrade. More Efficient Power Use [Read More]