The Ten Top Qualities Of An Exemplary Administrative Assistant

Looking to hire an administrative assistant? Or, are you an assistant looking for your niche? There are some traits that can make or break a successful administrative assistant, and that are integral to the multiple roles that they fill on-the-job.

The ten top qualities to look for in an administrative assistant are:

  1. Punctuality. Showing up late or canceling appointments should be a red-flag. You need an assistant that is punctual. After all, this individual represents your business, your company, and ultimately, you.
  2. Maturity. Unless you enjoy drama, hire a mature administrative assistant that doesn't get rattled easily. This job often involves multi-tasking; you want someone who is responsible and calm enough to handle that.
  3. Efficiency. Naturally a good assistant is efficient and can meet deadlines or work under pressure. An assistant who thrives on these types of situations and who can delegate effectively is a good fit for any employer.
  4. Organized. An assistant with a good sense of organization can help a business thrive and prosper. If you are looking for such a job, be prepared to demonstrate ways that you have displayed organizational habits at other workplaces, at school, or at home.
  5. Tech-savvy. In today's world, you must have some technological knowledge to compete. Hire an assistant that is familiar and comfortable with things like web design, social media, and online marketing strategies.
  6. Ambition. A great administrative assistant is often ambitious, with a desire to excel and climb the ladder of success. Complacency rarely impresses potential employers nor is it a desired trait for the job.
  7. Confidence. A confident assistant will represent you and your company in a positive light. If you are applying to be an administrative assistant, go to the interview with your head held high and demonstrate your confidence to potential employers.
  8. Clever. Sometimes an assistant has to come up with a clever solution to a problem, on-the-spot. Someone who can think quickly on-their-feet makes a good fit for this position.
  9. Discreet. An administrative assistant often is privy to confidential or sensitive matters, conversations, and paperwork; this position is not for someone who talks about these matters outside of work. Discretion is a key quality in a good candidate.
  10. Courteous. Make sure that the person you hire has manners and will treat your colleagues or constituents with respect. If you are seeking a position, show courtesy during the interview process and send a thank-you note after your initial meeting.

Whether you are looking for work or you are looking for the perfect assistant, these ten qualities make up the perfect administrative assistant candidate. Work with a staffing agency like Optimum Solutions to fill or find potential positions and candidates for hire.